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In the Midst of Threshold Nine 

People ask me, "Should I enroll?" "What is upCREATION about?" ┬áPlease read this blog and others, take time, consider well. Personally I think this experience is for everyone! The Big History Project, mentioned below has developed a┬ácourse for all ages and all ages are finding it rewarding and it is changing the lives and assumptions …

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In the research, learning, design process and the employment of the organizations we create, questions are important. They both frame the scale and scope of an investigation and project, as well as, the answers to them establish the beginning criteria for success. Here are some of my questions from when we started designing the upCREATION …

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An upCREATION Experience 

Upcreation - self-organization that brings forth an emergent level of complexity that encompasses, without destruction, the previous lower levels of organization. In the right circumstances self organization can often also be legitimately called self-creation. Without an outside agent, the parts cohere into a new organization that brings forth an "emergent" level or self not …

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What This Is…and not 

I refer to the upCreation Experience as a non-workshop workshop. It is not a typical workshop, nor is it a designShop. Yes, it will happen in a purpose-build environment created for such kinds of processes. Yes, it will employ the methods accumulated over 37 years and thousands of collaborative events. Yes Gail, Mauricio, Gary and …

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