What This Is…and not

| October 26, 2016

I refer to the upCreation Experience as a non-workshop workshop. It is not a typical workshop, nor is it a designShop. Yes, it will happen in a purpose-build environment created for such kinds of processes. Yes, it will employ the methods accumulated over 37 years and thousands of collaborative events. Yes Gail, Mauricio, Gary and I will create a framework, curate abundant Knowledge-Agents, and start us off with some challenges. We will have KnowledgeWorkers to smooth our path… of course. Yet, when the Zone-of Emergence is constructed, we all become learners, teachers researchers and co-designers, trading roles, exploring options, questioning, proposing new alternatives, designing many futures, discovering what we will do––together, with others, and alone––during and after this week. The dominate discipline will be that our work, in the process and results, is consistent with the criteria that Kelly outlines in his description of UPCREATION. This is to be an upCREATION Experience in how it is designed, facilitated, and practiced during our week together and how the results are shared after the week is gone. The upCREATION Experience is a time-out-of-time. We are not there to produce a pre-determined specific result. Nor, to learn some particular skill or field of knowledge––we will each choose our own arena while working together. This is a time of Leisure in the long gone deffiniton of the word. To read, to dialog, to dream, to collaborate, design, re-think our assumptions… To pull from our past––hundreds of decades of accumulated experience––to surprise ourselves, renew, invent our future, and to allow truly new concepts, knowledge and practical programs to emerge that will inspire us all. An upCREATION occurrence, by deffiniton, is open-ended and emergent and non-destructive of the system from which it came.