Welcome to the upCreation Blog

| October 23, 2016

worldatspaceWelcome to the upCreation blog where you will find an ongoing conversation about the strategies to enhance capacity at multiple levels and varying scales while building on earlier efforts.  From an educational perspective, such efforts to enhance capacity can create unique learning opportunities if the right conditions are in place. Determining just what those conditions are and how they can be orchestrated is much of what our dialogue here will cover.

Let’s begin with a quick note on upCreation.  upCreation is a term coined by Kevin Kelly in his book What Technology Wants. He uses the term to refer to a self-organizing process that leads to an emergent level of organization without the destruction of lower levels.

This upCreation process may operate at different scales from the personal to the institutional to the global.  In each case the emergent higher level adds complexity and capacity to take on challenges in way not previously possible. The individual scale calls attention to processes that augment personal capacities to address problems.  The institutional scale highlights ways that organizations may enhance operations to achieve emerging goals.  Finally, the global scale focuses on the ways that networks may take on the most far reaching threats to our continued existence as a species.