Why join upCREATION?

| October 25, 2016

Bucky Fuller, engineer, futurist, premier designer said of the moon project, “It will take a million steps to get us to the moon and back. Thank god we have already taken over 90% of them.”

Today many of us find ourselves in key leadership positions attempting to create a better world. As educators, consultants, mentors, executives, artists, scientists and social activists, we’ve been steadily forging the unfolding of a new paradigm, one that defines and stabilizes a higher order for all life. Every field today is seeking new ground, incorporating new ideas, employing technology to escape from our now crippling industrial paradigm and way of working and assumptions about human capabilities.

This isn’t a new effort. Since the beginning of human time, people have offered through their actions and books and film, ideas, solutions, visions for a world that could be. The great thing about worthy ideas is they are not forgotten; instead they slowly and invisibly weave their way into the fabric of a culture. They live, often dormant, waiting to be awakened and brought to life through new challenges, new conversations, new belief systems.

Buckminster Fuller, as he watched the moon project unfold, recognized how large bold projects brought forward many dormant ideas combining them with new technologies, understandings and cultural relevance. Good ideas don’t die, they wait for the right moment when they can make a difference, for when they become part of something greater. Bold ideas attract other ideas; like magnets, they attract and assemble themselves to each other.

Today our challenges are far greater than the successful moon project. How do we as humans step up to our emergent potential, the world over, and stand tall in what is now called the Anthropocene age? How can we recognize and honor the 70 or 80 or 90 percent, as Bucky did about the moon project, for what we have accomplished in all disciplines, across all boundaries? And how do we add our differences that guide us toward this new goal?

This is the challenge of the upCREATION Experience in mid May, 2017. Our sense is there are many out there wanting to augment their practices to where they take a quantum step forward in understanding and developing this challenge. 2017 seems like a perfect time to come together, work and play and entangle ourselves into the midst of this great challenge human kind has established for itself and then to attract for ourselves and others the next steps to take. Earth seems to be on the edge between chaos and order. It can clearly be seen to fall either way. Science tells us this edge is where the action awaits us.  This is where upcreation thrives and invites. This is where you want to be.